Today the students worked really hard on finishing up their Glogs so they could create their websites.  First I took them to VoiceThread so they could make comments on the Bad Glog I created and we could discuss what the students need to do to avoid making a Bad Glog.  The finished VoiceThread appears on the homepage of this website. Then I showed them how to create their own website using Weebly. They learned how to use embed codes to embed their Glog, a Google Map, a Poll, and a photo album. You can visit your child's website by going to (substitute "name" with your child's name in lowercase letters).  The password is my last name (also in lowercase letters).  If you don't see anything it might be because your child isn't finished yet.  He or she can keep working on it by logging into and using the same login and password as the other sites we've been using.
4/19/2011 04:54:28 pm

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