1st Day: Introduction to the Programs - Welcome to Summer School 2010!
Today is the first day of our technology class.  I did an intro lesson for the basic technologies that we will be using.  So your child made a "mini me" in Pixie, then we brought that over into Keynote and made a simple animation.  We also used the Background feature of PhotoBooth to put ourselves into a movie scene, kind of like a green screen effect.  Next we practiced using the music creation tools in GarageBand.  Finally, at the end of the day I introduced the project they will be working on... travel websites about the states.  Your child will be able to make a multimedia website complete with videos, songs, and animations about the state of his or her choice.  Learning about the states will be a new SOL for 5th grade next year, so I plan on using these websites to help other teachers.  Your child is not only going to have fun learning about technology, but he or she will also be creating something useful!

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