Today we worked hard on finishing our Keynote animations and adding our own soundtrack using Aviary (  If you'd like to go there at home, the school ID is "GreenwoodElementary" and the login and password for your child are the same as the other sites.  After we exported our animations as QuickTime videos we uploaded them to our Glogs.  So today, everyone's Glog should be up.  If you'd like to see your child's Glog, the address  is (substitute "name" with your child's name lowercase and "nameofstate" with the name of your child's state, also lowercase).  If nothing shows up your child may not be finished.  You can comment on your child's page on Glogster ( by logging into his or her account (directions below).  I also added a couple of examples on the homepage of this website.  There's a poll for you and your child to vote on to help your child distinguish a good Glog from a not so good Glog.  Discuss the reasons why one is good and one isn't.

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