Day #2: Research & Examples - Welcome to Summer School 2010!
Today I showed the students a finished sample Glog and webpage (password = clough) that I created to give them an idea of where we are heading with this project.  They spent the rest of the day doing research on their state, gathering pictures to use, and making their songs and videos.  You can always check on their progress by visiting their Glog.  Just go to and click the "Log In" link at the top.  Your child should know their log in information, but if they forgot it's CT2010Name (substitute your child's name with a capital) and the password is name123 (substitute your child's name without a capital).  Be sure to leave comments on your child's Glog!  Your child is welcome to work on the Glog at home too. See you tomorrow!
Our class standing on the state we are researching

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